Six-Word Memoirs

Summer 2008 – Recently NPR’s Talk of the Nation featured an article on the newly released book, Not Quite What I was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure, by Larry Smith & Rachel Fershleiser. Read excerpts from the book or listen to the show here. Email your 6-word memoir to Xan and I will post them here.

The gift hummingbird feeder changed everything.
~~ Lisa Weeks ~~

Friends, family. Endless adventures. No regrets.
~~ Xavier Stevens ~~

Knitting while driving, she died happy.
~~ Xan ~~

Reject null; laughed, loved, lived. Lucky!
~~ Angi Miller ~~

Lead herself into temptation. Loved it.
~~ Megan Green ~~

I got up and kept going.
~~ Liz Smith ~~

Lived without fear, loved without caution!
~~ Rae/Roya ~~

Knowing things, he strive’d to share.
~~ Adam Crafter ~~

Change, change again, change back, repeat.
~~ Jim Dick ~~

Should have eaten more Hostess cupcakes.
~~ Paula Peters ~~

Nice guys are a catch, eventually.
~~ Clint Wedel ~~

Succulent steak, gorgeous vista, torrid lovemaking.
~~ Brandy Haan ~~

Served happiness, unlimited love per customer!
~~Debz Shakti Buller